Allestree Park

With things being a hectic around M towers right now we have both been getting a little stressed. Mr M made a valid point that we were spending too much time worrying about things and not enough time just being. When he suggested going for a walk I saw a golden opportunity to revisit a place we hadn’t been to in a while. Plus I haven’t posted recently about the wonders of the East Midlands.
Allestree park is a nature reserve/golf course (strange combination I know but hey, life would be boring without quirky combos). It is literally just on the border of Derby City, nestled between the busy A6 and even more busy A38. When I first moved to the area everyone would talk about the park as if it was some amazing little haven, but every time I went it just seemed so small and a bit too pristine to be a park.
That’s because I didn’t do it properly.
After years of writing it off I got to talking about it with a work friend and they told me that I had been walking in the wrong direction. So when Mr M decided on a walk we followed the instructions and look at what we found:

It was the perfect Autumnal walk. A little bit of frost, cold enough for breath clouds in the air, bright autumn sun and clear autumn skies.
I love the fact that there are hidden gems of nature bursting the pristine golf course’s bubble. There is something a little bit rebellious about this park and I like it! So screw you mown lawns…..I’m siding with the scatty leaves…….the dirty little devils. Ooof.


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