A belated September post!

I am a very bad blogger neglecting you! I am very very sorry but like I said a while a go the next few weeks are going to be incredibly busy and time seems to be flying passed me! To apologise for being such a loser and not posting in a while I will finally post the photo challenge I did in September recently.

I didn't manage every day.....I missed a few but they were boring ones really....you don't need to see my mush anymore than you already do!

Anyway, here we go:

The September Photo Challenge
(a little late, sorry Professor!)

Day 1 - Self Portrait (Oooorrr Selfie!)

Day 2 - What you wore

Day 3 - Something Green
Day 4 - After Dark

Day 5 - Obsession (Courtesy of Sky+)

Day 6 - Changes to Come
Day 7 - Routine
Day 8 - Someone You Love
Day 9 - Eyes
Day 10 - Silhouette
Day 11 - Colour
Day 12 - Shoes
Day 13 - Something You Want
Day 14 - In My Bag
Day 16 - Patterns (September didn't have a 15....no, no it did not.)

Day 17 - Animal (The Elusive Cat)
Day 19 - Close Up (September also suffered a loss of 18, yep.)
Day 20 - Flowers
Day 21 - Black and White
Day 22 - Childhood
Day 23 - Patriotic
Day 24 - High Angle
Day 26 - Something Tasty (No 25 either!)
Day 27 - Understatement
Day 28 - Water
Day 29 - Fruit (What? No 30? Get it together, September!)
I took a while but I hope it was worth it!


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