A lovely comfort meal!

The other day at work I found myself having a very in depth conversation…….….about the pros and cons of windowed versus non windowed envelopes. It was one of the few conversations I had that day and it was the highlight. Needless to say I was not having a very good day. I had eaten my lunch by 10.30am so I sat with a grumbly stomach for the rest of the day, and to make matters worse I was in one of those “got to eat everything, everywhere, ever” kind of moods……you know the kind I mean: eat like an elephant and still don’t feel full shindigs.
By the time 5pm rolled around I was, I won’t lie, hallucinating about food. I wanted something big and something good. And I mean goooood. I spent the entire 45 minute journey home concocting a plan. I ultimately wanted something quick, spicy, and carby. Of course, what better than Burritos?!
I had never made Burritos before, and I didn’t want to have to go to the supermarket (my willpower wouldn’t make it out alive!), so I stuck to what I had in the house – this may not be entirely “traditional”.
I had chicken, courgette, baby corn, mange tout, a fajita spice mix (don’t judge me….I wanted quick), lemon juice, dried chillies, rice, pickled jalapenos, salsa, cheese, and tortillas.

First mix together the fajita mix, lemon juice, and dried chillies. It’s all to taste so put in as much of each as you like!

Then chop and add the chicken, courgette, baby corn, and mange tout. Give it all a mix until it was it’s all coated, then grill it.

Whilst that is cooking put the rice in the bowl you used to marinate the chicken to give it a little coating then put it in the microwave to cook. Once the chicken and rice are cooked heat up the tortillas and stack them between foil. Now fill to taste! Mine had a little bit of everything, rice, chicken, salsa, jalapenos, and a cheeky bit of cheese. Once assembled wrap it up tightly and pop it in the oven to keep warm.

Now I didn’t have nachos, but really wanted nachos, so I made some. Take 2 tortillas (this was too much for 2 reasonable adults…) and chop them into little triangles. Lightly coat them in oil and add a little seasoning. Pop them under the grill and then turn when one side starts to brown. Once they are done sprinkle a little cheese over them.

With the size of the 2 burritos and the nachos this meal was far too big for 2….it would easily feed 4. (My excuse is severe hunger and “eyes bigger than belly” syndrome). However everything I made came to about 2400 calories, between two that’s still 1200 but between 4 it’s only 600 calories each…..just watch the rice and cheese, they are big calories. And try and go for lower calorie wraps…..they do exist!

I didn’t eat until 12pm the next day!


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