Autumn Loveliness

There is something you should know about me. Something that may shock you. I hate summer. Ok, well, hate might be a strong word, but my absolute love of autumn and winter does so outweigh summer that I might as well say I hate it.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the hazy summer nights, I love sunshine, green leaves and bright flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass, birds and butterflies flying around, and the distant sounds of a BBQ whilst I sit on my blue picnic table reading a book. But for me the one fundamental flaw of summer is the nakedness. Even when I was a tiny size 8 (about 10 years ago now…….!) I hated wearing little clothes. Shorts, bikinis, vest tops…all that jazz just does nothing for me. The amount of people that get it more wrong than right is unbelievable, and I fear I would get it very very very wrong! Plus whilst I love the sunshine and can cope with the heat, too much and I become like a grumpy granny sitting in the shade and moaning. (I think if I lived somewhere with a pool or a coastline I’d be less granny like.)

But Autumn, autumn I can do! The turning of the leaves, the crispy ones that cushion the edges of the pavements that begged to be walked on, the long walks with cold red noses, the hot chocolate, the warming comfort food, the first frost of winter, Bonfire night, toffee apples!......I could go on.

However the best bit about autumn for me is the clothes. Oh, the clothes! The boots! The jumpers! The coats! The scarves! The brollies! The Socks! All snugly and warm, that render anyone passing powerless against the desperate need to hug you, just to steal some of your snugly winteriness.

I have been perusing ASOS (I love Asos!) and I have picked out a few of my favourite bits.

London Rebel Boots
These beauties are my favourites!! Totally stunning black suede that will go beautifully with blue jeans!
Cuddle wrap New Look Boots
No winter wardrobe is complete without knee high boots
A cosy blanket cardigan

I love this stripy jumper with Heart elbow patches

An excellent choice if you fear print!

Described as "Tomato Red"....lovely
A funky print scarf, I do love scarves!
Thick Auburn Scarf
Beautiful dressy boots, perfect for when you need a fancy boot!
Fisherman's Jumper


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