Anti (Pasti) Effort

There comes a point in everyone’s week when cooking just seems like a chore. Whether it’s a long day at work, a busy afternoon with friends, or you've just shopped too much, cooking a meal feels like the last thing you could ever possibly do.

Why does the kitchen have to be so far away from the sofa? Seriously. So very far.....

I tend to have one of these nights a week and I usually end up doing something quick like a stir fry or a pizza but sometimes even that feels like too much effort. As I am not a big fan of processed food so ready meals are out of the question, and whilst I can’t be bothered to cook it doesn’t mean that I don’t want good quality food.

So I take a leaf out of the Mediterranean book and do Anti Pasti .

The great thing about anti pasti is that you can pick your favourite bits and ignore anything you don’t want. You can put as much or little effort into it as you want to. Perfect! I love Mediterranean food but I can be very picky……so can Mr M. Sometimes fighting with picky eaters can be hard work so we rendered ourselves to a lazy anti pasti!

Roasted Courgette.

Feta Cheese.


Rosemary Foccacia.

Chorizo and Roasted vegetables

And of course for a lazy tea you need a lazy pudding!

A bendy biscuit makes everything better!


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