The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters

This book kept me up at night! I mentioned I was a wimp before, right?

The Little Stranger is written by Sarah Waters, the same author that wrote Tipping the Velvet……and if you haven’t read that yet, get on it!

The little Stranger is set in 1940’s Britain it gives you a remarkably concise window into the world at this time.

I don't want to give the plot away but I will say it really is a page turner. It is based on a family called the Ayres and it centres mainly on their home Hundreds Hall. The book creeped the jeebies out of me (I quite like it when a book creeps me out!) as there are some paranormal themes. I can't watch the trailer to Paranormal acivity without suffering a sleepless night so you may not find it that creepy but it has definite undertones.

The best thing about this book for me, and I don’t know if Sarah Waters meant it to be this way, was the fact that I still wonder over the ending, it is a little bit of a whodunnit and it is never confirmed. I quite like that. It keeps the book lingering on for me.

Sarah Waters is an amazing author and I love her novels. They really do suck you in and make you think a lot. I love a book that’s a thinker!

I don’t insist on many books but this one is an absolute must read!


  1. I was given the audio version of that and I remember listening to it in bed and getting a bit creeped out! It was a good story though, one that you actually remember.


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