The Coopers Arms

The Coopers Arms in Weston Upon Trent is quite possibly my favourite pub anywhere, ever.

Originally known as Weston Hall it is steeped in history supposedly starting in 1628 in the hands of Anthony Roper then, following a few bankruptcies, the place was occupied by Parliamentary Troops throughout the civil war as it's widely believed that the building was left empty. My favourite part of its history is the suspicion that a German Prisoner of War used one of the many chimneys as a hiding place before managing to escape and making back to Germany.

You can find a more comprehensive history on their website here.

Mr M introduced me to this pub not long after we started seeing each other and ever since it has been the go to place for any occasion, birthdays, Christmas, celebration, etc.

We recently had reason to celebrate so paid as visit.

We did have food....but I was too excited and forgot to take photographic evidence until after the plates were empty. The food here is proper country pub food. All locally sourced and cooked to perfection by a team of amazingly friendly chefs. The entire team are amazing and I can guarantee they will make you feel comfortable and welcome.

I would recommend booking if you are going at a peak time. You can find their website here.

For now I'll leave you with a cheeky preview but I promise to go again soon and show you how good the food will be hard but I think I can pull through for you.

 In front of the pub they have a summer house that sits next to a little fishing lake, they open the summer house during the good weather so you can get a drink and have a little wander around the lake, or just so you can sit and enjoy the sunshine.

It's a great place regardless of whether it's just you and a date or whether you are taking your whole family. Although be aware that inside because of the style of the building the access is a little restricted, if you're taking someone who struggles with stairs ask to be seated downstairs. 


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