The Best Book Shop in Britain

There are few places in the world quite as fantastic as Scarthin Books in Cromford, UK. I know it's a bold claim to call it the best bookshop in Britain but it is. Well, it is to me anyway!

Nestled in a valley in the peak district Cromford is the perfect place to put such a brilliant little shop. It's local fame brings in hoards of people from ramblers to families to tourists alike. I can honestly say that I never leave this place without buying a least one two books.

 To find the shop you have to know where to just so happens to be up a higgedly piggedly little road, tucked away behind a pub (The Boat Inn). All that's missing are the cobbles!

All of the local business' are very welcoming......

 If the Boat Inn didn't distract you then you will find yourself outside Scarthin Books after a very short meander.

The shop has two bookcases that sit on either side of the door, they are a permanent feature and in place so that even if it closed you can still buy books! It works on a honesty box basis and you post your money through the door.

The shop faces the village pond with the railings decorated with the works of art by children for a competition.

Apparently the pond is also infested.......

Once you've had enough of meandering and croc hunting its time to get lost in books. Scarthin Books sells everything from brand new releases to Antique books, and everything in between. The new books are sold at RRP unless there is an offer on and second hand books are individually priced. It has the perfect mix of old and new. If you're anything like me you could get yourself lost in here for hours. 

All of the walls are lined, floor to ceiling, with bookshelves. The shelves are so full and the rooms are so maze like that there is a moving bookcase in front of another bookcase......genius!

There are little nooks hidden everywhere......

.....some give you the ultimate challenge.....Mr M was too short.....but then you did need to be at least 6ft 5in!!

This is the trickiest bit.....books on stairs......there is only room for one on the stairs so if you are having a browse here you tend to get more exercise than you expect!

My favourite part of the whole place is the cafe......if the door was closed you would never know it was there; the door is a curvy bookcase.

If you don't fancy the thrill of the chase and know what kind of book you're after there is a cheat sheet guide for the locations of genres. 

Is that a croc?!......Oh wait.....they're swans.......

As I said, I can't visit without buying anything, and even on strict blogging business I couldn't resist.

If you ever find yourself in the Peak district you absolutely must pay Scarthin Books a visit! Their website can be found here.

I could live here. I have an acute addiction to books. I am not ashamed. If you need me I'll be in the corner hugging a book or two.


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