Lime Crime Velvetines

I don’t have a lot of makeup. I am very much internet self-taught with this sort of thing and I have a very specific taste. If I find a product I like I tend to stick to it…..probably a bit longer than I ought to!

For this reason I very rarely have anything to say on the subject matter but today is different.

I like to obsess about Pinterest (you can follow me here, leave your name in the comments box and I will follow you!) and it was during an afternoon of pinning that I fell upon Lime Crime’s Velvetines lip…..thing.

This product is matt effect and comes in 2 colours; a paler corally red that goes by the name Suedeberry and a bright sultry red that goes by the name of Red Velvet. It makes your lips look like velvet, very exciting!

I sat and read a few reviews before deciding that I was impressed enough to give it a whirl. I was hindered at the first hurdle....everywhere was out of stock. I will admit that I had forgotten about it for a while before someone repinned it. So I had another look at it was back in stock.

I ordered the Red Velvet one from CutECOsemtics, one of the few UK suppliers. It was £11.50 plus postage so it totalled at around £14. It was dispatched really quickly and before long my excited squeal came out to play as it fell through my letterbox.

To give you a perspective of size.....

I had to try it out straightaway so I put it on. It’s quite an odd product in the sense that it acts like a lipstick but applies like a gloss. It matts up really quickly but what I will say is use lip liner….it bleeds like fury!

Straight after being applied.....

After about 10 seconds.......

The Red Velvet is quite bright. I have fairly dark lips and it was still really bright. It’s a fun colour and once I had gotten used to the brightness I was quite fond of it. The Lime Crime website states that this is a touch proof…..this is a lie! I ended up with the stuff everywhere. Do be careful with it!!

The added bonus of this product is that it is Vegan friendly…..I’m clearly not vegan but it does mean that it wasn’t tested on animals. There are no Velveteen Rabbits hopping around with this smeared on their face! Seeing as I am a big believer in not testing on animals this has completely sold me over on it.

You can get it here.


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