I absolutely have to share this with you! If you have read my Diet Mantra you will know that I am not an advocate of fast food places. Well I have stumbled over one that is healthy, fast and most importantly delicious!

Barburrito is a chain, and I’m pretty certain that if you live Manchester, London, Leeds, Liverpool or Nottingham you will have at the very least passed it at least once. But it is a pretty amazing chain.

 You walk in to be greeted with Mexican music to get you in the mood. Once you’ve danced your way to the counter you are confronted with four options: Burrito, Burrito Bowls, Tacos or Nachos. Once you have your choice (I went with Burrito) you then get to choose a series of fillings dependent on what you choose. I had a chicken burrito with brown rice, medium salsa and a little bit of cheese. Mr M opted for Nachos with cheese sauce, roasted vegetable, mild salsa and a bit of cheese.

I have never had a burrito before now. I can honestly say they are amazing! At the cutlery stand there were some chili sauces lined up waiting for battle. They ranged from mild to extra hot. This little bad boy gave me a cheeky Mexican wink and I couldn’t resist!

This place is brilliant, good priced, fast, healthy, tasty food. It is firmly in my lunchtime rotation!


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