Aligator Pears!

Ok, so I have a big confession to make......I have never eaten an Avocado. Ever. Not even in the form of Guacamole. It's not that I have purposefully avoided them, our paths have just never crossed. So I have made them cross.

With a deep breath and a very basic recipe I went Avocado hunting (it wasn't hard......I went to the supermarket and there they were! Magic!)

Following the bloggers that I do there seems to be big love for Avocados, the recipes that they all used always look lovely so I really wanted to get in on it! I perused a few blogs and found a pretty standard basic recipe of Avocado on toast with bacon. The recipe has bacon what could go wrong?!

It turns out a lot.

Blogging a recipe is very hard.

So it started out fairly simple, I gathered what I needed:

As you can see it's a very complicated list! 

The first thing I did was put my bacon under the grill.

I did not at all forget about the bacon.

The next step was to tackle the unknown.....this took more concentration.........not that I forgot about the bacon.

I sliced the avocado all the way down to the pip inside and all the way around the avocado (as if you need the guide.....but indulge me!)

Once I'd done that I twisted the top half and off it popped (kind of like a mango but much easier than a mango!) 

My next job was to remove the pip....this always looks like fun!!! Whack your knife into it, if you're like me you will make a ninja "hiiiya!" noise.

N.B (Ninja sound is not optional)

And haven't forgotten about your bacon right? Good.

My avocado was now pip free. Phew. 

Now to get it all naked.

Ok so now this is the point it all went wrong slightly off track. I shall precede with my excuse....I have never eaten an avocado.

I have heard rumours of the none ripe avocado being a little hard....I guess this is what was wrong. the avocado was a nightmare to mush with my fork......I didn't want it totally mushed so opted for fork over processor.

After a small to medium battle to fork the avocado to death I started to smell burning. (You didn't forget about the bacon, right? Good.)

A quick squeal and a dash to the grill later.......

Huzzah! No burnt bits! Just the tray!

Bacon trauma over, grill off and back to the avocado. To the freshly forked avocado I added some salt and a little lemon juice.

So, bacon done (not burnt), avocado done (forked to death) and sufficiently lemoned........I had a niggling feeling I had forgotten some part of my avocado on toast.

It took a while but I got there eventually.......the toast. 

A little grumble later I put the grill back on and whilst waiting for it to heat up again I sliced up two hunks of bread.

I then lost the will to cook and stood staring at the bread under the grill......I wasn't going to forget about this one.
Once everything was finally ready I assembled.
Avocado on toast,
Added a little more salt and cheeky squeeze of lemon
Then on went the bacon!
Ta Dah!

 So to conclude I managed to turn a very simple recipe into a nightmare. Yay.

The taste was little.....acquired, however I think this is because it wasn't fully ripe.......I'm sticking with it and trying again!!!


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