A Street Cat Named Bob

I am going to start as I mean to go on. This book disappointed me. It isn’t that I am a cold hearted person that can’t take joy out of what is supposed to be a heart warming story. This book was over marketed. I was expecting to sit with a tear in my eye and a glow in my heart but towards the end of it I was bored.

I won’t say spoiler alert because the marketing team behind this book did it for me. It is essentially a platform for the author James Bowen to tell the story of how he gained a pet. Don’t get me wrong, what he did was great; he didn’t have to take in a starving, injured animal and give it a home. But half way through the book the guy flies us over to Australia to visit his mum…..the book is about the cat.

I think it’s really good that he took Bob in and he feels that Bob helped him turn his life around but this book really is a platform for him to dwell on his mistakes, his current circumstances whilst feeling a bit sorry for himself and then occasionally adding “but Bob helped.”
It was a pretty stagnant book and I would say if you’re looking for a truly heart warming story (the kind that makes you cry) look somewhere else. It’s a good story and it’s an ok book….but that is just it; ok. A big disappointment from how the book is marketed.


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