They're mint!

There are very few things out there that you know will fit you regardless of what size you are. Two of the best things that fall under this very small category are shoes (of course) and Jewellery. I am a big fan of both! They are the two things that can make or break an outfit, you could be wearing a bin bag and so long as you have the right pair of killer shoes with those Oh-So-Perfect earrings you would look fabulous, darling.
I am a particular fan of Etsy and can often be found perusing the jewellery pages. There is nothing better to me than finding something online that I know very few other people have! Etsy is just the place to provide this service. For those of you that have never ventured on to Etsy it is basically an online handmade market on which you will find fashion students, crafters, stay at home mum’s and anyone with a talent for making, that sell their handmade products. Like with any site you have to watch out for quality but it is completely worth trawling through to find the perfect unique item.
And mostly importantly it is where I stumbled upon these:

You can find them here.
I am a massive fan of earrings but I struggle to wear the big danglers so I often confine myself to studs. It is incredibly hard to find statement studs but I think these little guys are up for the job. I am going through a massive love of all things mint at the moment and these fit the bill perfectly!
With a nudge and a wink these little beauties arrived they arrived on my doorstep to be confronted with the excited squeal that every parcel deserves.
I could not recommend the seller enough, they were dispatched from her in Cyprus very quickly (they have a handy little tracker over there that follows the parcel and waves it off at the airport) and after a long 2 week struggle through the UK they arrived beautifully packaged. The seller has a lot of different products all as beautiful as the next!


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