The Spice Lounge

One of my favourite things to do is to go out to a good restaurant and spend the evening chatting over great food. I love finding new places to eat but sometimes its comforting to go to an old favourite, you know the kind of place were you know the waiters and where you know what you are going to order before you even walk in the door. For me one of those places is The Spice Lounge on Friar Gate in Derby. You can find the website here.

I wasn't the worlds biggest fan of Indian Cuisine but this place changed that! The Spice Lounge is my Indian Haven and would recommend it in a second.

The restaurant itself is modern but very cosy. They have tables and booths, if you go I recommend you get a booth, they are more cosy and so incredibly comfortable!

We went on Tuesday night at about 7.30pm and within a hour of us arriving the place was full so if you're planning a visit book ahead! They do a cracking Early Bird Menu that they serve until 8pm but the prices are still reasonable without that.

As usual I didn't really need to look at the menu as I had walked in knowing what I was having.

The Butter Chicken is a firm favourite for me. It might be mild but it packs a punch in the flavour department and I really can't handle the kind of heat that Indian food provides.

Once the drinks arrived we ordered our food and chatted time away until the poppadoms arrived!

The poppadoms arrived with the usual Lime Pickle, Mango Chutney and Spiced Onions.

Somebody couldn't wait to tuck in! I can't blame him though......

Now I know I said I am not one for spice but this Lime Pickle is to die for! Mr M isn't a fan so when it's just us I get the whole lot to myself!

I am a massive fan of what I call Zesty Spice and this Lime Pickle is that all the way. I could go to a Mexican restaurant and munch my way through spicy fajitas all night long but I think there is a difference in the spice with Indian food....a lot of it builds up on you and is a long burning hum where as Zesty Spice (I swear its a phrase!) is short and sharp. Maybe its just me!

I like to combine a little Lime Pickle and Mango Chutney on my poppadoms (yum!) How do you have yours?

I love the little pouring pot the mint yogurt comes in!

Once the poppadoms where gone and the waiter wiped the table clean, really mint yogurt gets everywhere, we waited patiently for our mains.

I love the way they serve at The Spice Lounge, it feels very ceremonious. They bring your food on a trolley and serve each dish one by one. If you have ordered a self serve dish they bring your (obviously already clean) plate and give it a final wipe down in front of you.

Our mains arrived and we tucked in!

The Butter Chicken.

Mr M had the Shaslik, you can have this with chicken or lamb, or for the best of both worlds you can have a mix. Mr M went for the mix.

The cute little pouring pot made a reappearance with Mr M's Shaslik Sauce!

Mr M went for the Pilau Rice but I went for the Lemon Chilli Rice (Zesty Spice!). I would recommend this to spice lovers only simply because there are slices of chilli in there, seeds and all, one bite of them and your face falls off!

And of course a nice and simple Plain Naan Bread.

Portion sizes vary restaurant to restaurant but at The Spice Lounge I would recommend a round of poppadoms, a Main each, and a rice and naan to share. This would be more than enough for two, although if you are feeling particularly hungry have a rice each and a sharer starter! It's hard to control yourself here and I could quite happily order enough to feed a family of six to eat for myself!

Once our plate where empty and practically clean again we asked for the bill. I have never had dessert here before (for the amount of times I have been that is shocking!) but I've never felt I needed one. The food is filling and the taste is so amazing I don't want to spoil it!

However a cheeky After Eight with the bill never hurt anybody! 

I would more than recommend this place, for any occasion, for any day of the week. The staff are welcoming and couldn't be more accommodating to their customers. It truly is my spice of heaven (do you see what I did there?!)


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