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I love people watching, it is a sport and should definitely be entered as an Olympic event. Wondering about the different way someone else lives their life is an utter fascination to me and what is better, and more convenient, than having it all available in a virtual form for you to leisurely trawl over with a cup of tea and a cat for company?

I like to delve into new blogs all the time, but I have a few staple bloggers, good ol’ favourites, that I love to obsess over read and in case you’re looking for something new (and even if you are not!) I want to give you a portal into their wonderful, awe-inspiring worlds.


One of my favourite blogs ever is The Londoner. Rose is an absolute inspiration, everything she writes is honest and there is no messing. She is a guru of London, food, style and travel. Her blog posts are particularly warming and she openly welcomes you into her world like a friend. She makes a mean pie as well, this is paramount!  


Steph is an Australian Baker Blogger Extraordinaire. Her blog Raspberri Cupcakes is full of magnificent recipes and fab tutorials on how to.

Larry at The Book Boy has a blog crammed full of his reviews on books, some of the books he reviews are a little holiday novel for me but he has some cracking classics on there and his reviews are a great guide.

 Helens Wardobe is a blog with style. With 10 years in the fashion industry and the same opinions on the wearing of Onsies in public as me it is a blog made in heaven!


The most fabulous food blog for me is Spoon Fork Bacon  How can a food blog that has bacon in the title not be good?! Jenny and Teri are a pair of geniuses that have left me trying food I didn’t even know I liked.

I am always on the lookout for new exciting blogs to read and when I find them I’ll update my list! If you have a blog or know of a blog that you think I need to know about please let me know!


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