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Salutation Saturation

Hello again,

“So soon!” I hear you cry. Yes, it’s just a little over a month since I last swung by this space to give you an update after a long stereo silence and here I am, back again! I’m as shocked as you are, really.

I originally started this post writing about my January. I started to tell you about how fast it’s gone, how it feels like nothing has changed, how rubbish it has been and I have felt. And, in the interest of ensuring honesty I have to say that so far 2019 has been a bit of a bust. Not because anything has gone wrong in particular; there have been no new problems to deal with, but because I having been living by checkpoint and tantruming because I couldn’t leave the burdens of last year in year. Life is tough right now and there is little I can do to control that fact, however, five paragraphs in (yes, I rambled on for that long before deleting – you know how I like to ramble) I realised how pathetic and sad I sounded.

So, I did what you do with writing which you can in…

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